private dinner parties

Similar to master class menu's, Olli works with the client to design creative and bespoke menu's which are tailored to their needs.

The secret to every perfect lunch or dinner party is to be prepared and there are three ways Olli Cooks can support you in this...

Many clients prefer Olli to come into their home or venue and prepare all the stages of the meal; to provide all the ingredients and even help match wine.  Occasionally this may include providing other chefs and a front of house service team.

Another way Olli Cooks can support you is by helping add finesse and technique training to your 'mis en place' preparations - a master class preparation service, if you will.

The other private dinner party option is a fully discrete and clandestine service.  Olli will arrive to your home - prepare every stage of your meal, set everything in your oven, or leave detailed cooking instructions and timings... then disappear.  This is a great service if you prefer not to have your Chef in your home whilst dinner is being served... and if you'd like to scoop the culinary glory!

Which ever dinner party option you choose, the Olli Cooks service is comprehensive and every kitchen or piece of equipment that's used - is left spotlessly clean and clear of dirty dishes.